Cherry Graham at Hye Cider Company

Cherry Graham

Chief Instigator, Cherry is a career chef with a passion for fermentation, micro-brewing, and do-it-yourself exploration.  She is our tasting room chief, builder of the barn, creative director, generally the woman who gets it done!

Cherry started her first catering company in high school, was bartending soon after, and later graduated from the Augustus Escofier School of Culinary Arts.  Her passion for micro-brewing has grown into a cider house alongside her long time friend Cap’n and her husband and collaborator, Travis.

Travis, an owner of Hye Cider Company

Travis Graham

People Connector and Collaborator, Travis brings the joy and party (and music!) to Hye Cider. Travis was born and raised in South Austin.  Full of Texas grit, Southern heart, and a creative rebel spirit for doing things differently.

Travis is a renowned career chef, deciding early on to make food and flavor his life’s ambition.  After many years of leading restaurants, Travis and Cherry took off to build their own, The Pig Pen in Little Albert, Texas, which became a raging success!  In addition to his culinary skills, Travis has been playing music nearly as long as he could talk.  He orchestrates the musical talent you’ll see on the Hye Cider Stage.

Cap'n with a keg of cider at Hye Cider Company


Brewer and fixer, Cap’n keeps the cider flowing (thank Goodness!!). Cap’n and Cherry have been friends for decades.  When Cherry and her husband Travis were dreaming up the Cider-House-to-be, Cap’n was the obvious partner to bring onboard for collaboration.  Cap’n knows his way around breweries and professional kitchens; he holds a lifetime passion for micro-brewing and for great food.  A true fixer, Cap’n can make an amplifier and guitar out of loose parts and good intentions!

Dom at Hye Cider Company

Dom Ransay

The Numbers Guy.  Dom was born in Martinique, grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Economics from SUNY Binghamton.  Dom has been at home from the halls of the United Nations, to Wall Street, and eventually the Texas Hill Country. Dom is passionate about lending his broad experience to help grow the Hye Cider Company.  He leads the Hye Cider team and keeps the gears moving! Outside of Hye Cider, he spends time volunteering, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, and loves speaking foreign languages. And he insisted we mention his Cowboys pedigree!

Lauren in the cidery at Hye Cider Company

Lauren McLaughlin

Director and Club Cult Leader, Lauren loves to connect with people and make sure all are splendidly satisfied!  From degrees to building companies, working in research labs, hospitals, yoga studios, cellars, and tasting rooms, Lauren is a lady of varied talents.  She loves live music, great food, and is a drink enthusiast, making Hye a lil’ slice of heaven!

Hye Cider Company Logo in White

Twist the Norm


Visit us at Hye Cider Company for a tasting of our amazing cyser. We are located in Hye, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio, near Fredericksburg, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

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